Anonymous asked: Ahhmm Dear Baek Su Min if you dont mind im only asking dear are your facebook account was hack or disable??? Because :'( I want to know dear please :'( ::( because. I miss you so much dear!!!!~

I’m sorry, but I am not Baek Sumin. This blog is run by admins, so we’re just fans! 

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vintagevender [catch me]

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Anonymous asked: Can I get a link of the flowers in the background of this blog? They're so pretty!!!

I’m sorry but I found it a long time ago so I’ve lost it ): again, sorry!

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Anonymous asked: OMG I apologize if you thought that I was implying/accusing you of being a roleplaying blog! I was wondering what your opinion was on this topic because you are one of the best Sumin fanblogs! Btw, what is your opinion on the Sumin roleplayers? Do you think they're being a bit intrusive?

No it’s alright haha, I was just confused. Some people just find roleplaying fun so I don’t really blame them all that much (but if the celebrity expresses discomfort then that’s a different story and they should definitely stop.) I’m completely against impersonators though!

Anonymous asked: did she get plastic surgery?

I don’t know. This is not mine, or anyone else’s business. 

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Anonymous asked: sumin is 93liner or 94liner?

She was born in 1993, please refer to the ‘profile’ page.

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Anonymous asked: do u know what camera sumin uses?

Probably a Samsung Galaxy phone camera.

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Anonymous asked: This is just my opinion but I feel like Sumin doesn't like roleplayers/people who impersonate to be her online. I personally find it a bit disturbing when people "roleplay" to be celebrities....

Yes, she does not like roleplayers or people who impersonate her, she’s clearly said so on her instagram. I’m not a roleplayer though? I don’t know if that’s what you’re implying but this is a fuck-yeah meaning it’s a blog that updates on Sumin’s modeling pictures so fans can keep up. 

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generalhoppers asked: Does Sumin have a dimple on her left cheek or no? I see it in some pictures but maybe it's not real??

I’m guessing she does!